Upcoming Book
In my new book, Purpose, I share the story of how understanding the meaning of our existence is the key to changing our daily lives for the better, and ultimately the abundance our destiny holds in store for us.
  • Discover the purpose of Jobs, Families, Relationships, Countries
  • Find your purpose and how to live your dreams
  • The Purpose of life is to discover your gift - theMeaning of life is to give it away

Meaning and Value in Life

"Purpose" is a composure of my personal ideology regarding the art of acquiring what we want in life, and the Abundant Future we can attribute the mean of our lives to.

Available July 30, 2017

How to get what you really want by creating it
There is a simple formula for living the life you dream of and the best news is: you can start today!

Life is a series of processes and systems.  Each system of the universe is designed to work synergistically with one another. These systems can be found all around us - evident in everything from our bodies ability to breath, to our mind's ability to think.

Our thoughts function similarly.  Our life  today is the result of every action we've taken, which are the result of feelings (emotions) we had prior to taking them, which are the results of preceding thoughts.

There are 3 elements that interact to create our life and we can take control of these systems and direct the ship that is our life to the destination (destiny) we desire!

There are 3 elements that dictate the direction our lives go.  When we have control and clarity of these components, the true North that points to our destiny can be realized.
  •  Belief:  Ultimately all of our conscious thoughts are built on top of our beliefs
  •  Vision: We are heading in a direction at all times, and we want to choose that direction
  •  Rhythm: How we create our vision is dependent on managing our energy and balance
I was searching for a way to transform my own life and find the elusive Balance of Achievement and Fulfillment. I studied every great achiever I could find.  Rockefeller, Carnegie, Gates, Franklin, and modern Tycoons like Musk, Zuckerberg, and even Jerry Seinfeld.  I found what they all had in common - that somehow, either deliberately or accidentally, each had mastered these 3 areas of their life.

I reveal exactly how to apply these systems to your own life to make your dreams a reality.

It is my great honor and privilege to serve you by sharing these life-changing systems.