My Projects
I believe we are all on this rock soaring through space together.  We are all in this together.  It is up to us to create the future we want.  
  • Time is Limited, Happiness is Infinite
  • Happiness is a Habit
  • The Purpose of life is to discover your gift - theMeaning of life is to give it away

My Current Projects is a new product for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners world-wide.

Every business has at least one problem in common that negatively impact their profits.  While approximately 1% of existing businesses have managed to soften the financial blow, this problem causes,virtually none have successfully eliminated it. is an online learning platform and community for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. With real-world opportunities and coaching tailored to each member's needs, Excalibur provides unparalleled guidance and advantage to every professional, at any stage in their business journey.
Inspired by the personal transformations I've made in my own life, The Abundance Journal was designed to help motivated individuals create the life they desire and deserve. Focusing your attention on the beauty of our daily existence primes your subconscious for the shift in mindfulness that leads to the limitless abundance accessible to all of us.
The Battle for Earth Begins on Mars

The entertainment industry's failure to capture my interested with their current TV and Internet choices drove me to create Dry Mouth, a science fiction novel written to grip attention and inspire imagination.

Available June 30, 2020
Meaning and Value in Life

"Purpose" is a composure of my personal ideology regarding the art of acquiring what we want in life, and the Abundant Future we can attribute the mean of our lives to.

Available July 30, 2020
Home for Conscious Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Creators World Wide.

Conscious Creators covers everything from stories of success and failure, to brilliant insights concerning growth and victory. Listen in and gain a profound understanding of the full spectrum of business and creation.

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My 5 Rules for Projects
  • It MUST be good for people
  • It MUST be working with people I love working with
  • It MUST be sustainable
  • ​I MUST have the time for it
  • ​I MUST be fulfilled doing it
I created these rules to keep myself focused and to maximize my time, energy, and impact.

Each one is the result of a major life experience.  The 5th rule - Fulfillment - is the most recent addition.  These rules allow me to better manage my energy which ultimately improves my impact.